On Site Scanning

Document scanning has been, and remains to be, a sought-after service among businesses and Government departments that are in the midst of their digital transformation. By digitising paper documents and having an online repository that serves as a digital archive, businesses no longer have to worry about sifting through piles of paper to get the files they need. Now, all they need is to do a quick search, and they’ll gain instant access to whatever they need. Transport and distance are not an issue for our team of on-site scanners.

ADEC Preview is leading the way in providing high-quality scanning capabilities to organisations of different sectors. For our specialist on-site scanning services we bring our scanning technologies and expertise to your facility. Wherever you may be, we can send our capable and qualified bulk document scanning staff to you. We operate one of the largest scanning capabilities in Australia. At your location you can expect the same level of expertise and quality that we use at our Sydney facility.


For organisations that, for any reason, do not wish their documents removed from their premises, a sought-after service among businesses and Government departments that EC Preview can scan on site. Simply let us know your scanning requirements, and we will send our team to your facility as soon as possible. We can move our equipment to anywhere within Australia and New Zealand without losing the same quality of services we provide in our Sydney facility.

We can accommodate any of your needs, regardless of its volume or type. Given our extensive experience in document management, we are capable of providing custom-fit scanning solutions that adequately addresses your needs. Urgent operations are also accepted, and we can process and deliver your scanned images in a short turnaround time.

• There is no limit to the volume, type or location of documents scanned

• Output can be tailored to any requirement

• Qualified scanning staff can travel anywhere in Australia and New Zealand

• Urgent operations can be catered for


After scanning, the documents can be made available through ADEC Preview’s web-based document repository. The safety of this virtual vault is constantly reinforced through regular penetration tests and certifications, and its security is ensured at a highly secure data centre, along with multiple back-up facilities. Users with the necessary clearance can simply log in using a standard web browser, and they can search and gain access to the documents they need anytime, anywhere.


Contact our Sydney team for these other document scanning needs:

• Medical Record Scanning

• Hospital Document Scanning

• Legal Document Scanning

• Records Management

• Document Scanning

• High Speed Scanning

Or any scanning solution

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