Large Format Scanning

Large documents such as blueprints, posters, and maps require specialised equipment that can accommodate large formats. While investing in these equipment might seem like the solution, you must also consider the entailing operating costs and the digital infrastructure required to store these files securely. Instead of handling these needs on your own, consider working with ADEC Preview’s large format scanning experts to serve your secure document scanning needs.

ADEC Preview is the go-to expert on a variety of scanning services. We operate the most sophisticated scanning systems in the market today, all of which are capable of capturing even the finest details of your paper documents, regardless of size, material, or colour. The resulting images can then be converted into the format of your choice.

As the leading provider of large-format scanning services around Sydney and nearby areas, we offer the best large image scanning services to leading organisations in Australia and New Zealand. You can be assured that your secure document scanning needs will be addressed adequately.


Large format documents are known to be difficult to store, organise, or even manoeuvre. Save yourself from all the hassle of handling large documents and have them digitised by ADEC Preview, the industry leader in document management. There are several reasons to have your bulky blueprints, posters, or maps turned into digital files:


Instead of sifting through piles of documents, you can simply search for a particular map or blueprint through an online repository. For this matter, ADEC Preview offers you access to eView+, our very own web-based document repository for all scanned images.


Our team of document management experts here at ADEC Preview will index and label large format documents based on several categories.


Scanned documents can also be protected by sophisticated security tools online. They can either be protected online or placed on a secure and backed up server. Needless to say, you no longer need to worry about losing sensitive information.


ADEC Preview is capable of scanning materials up to A0+ and can accommodate any colour or B/W material. Images can be created in a variety of formats such as Tiff, PDF or JPEG and viewed across a range of platforms.

We utilise state-of-the-art hardware technology and the most sophisticated internal electronic and software design to intelligently monitor, process, identify, and organise documents accordingly.

In addition, ADEC Preview offers raster to vector (vectorisation) conversions of all scanned images to DWG or DXF format, which can then be used in industry-standard design packages such as AutoCAD.

There are three levels of conversion available from standard conversion through to full scale redraw.

Apart from our hardware, we also employ some of Australia’s foremost experts on document management and scanning. Through their expertise, we are able to provide scanning solutions that are tailored to the needs of our clients.

For more than two decades, we have gained the trust of Australia’s biggest businesses and a wide range of Government departments. They trust us with their scanning and records management solutions in the following sectors:



Financial Services



Law Enforcement

Human Resources

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ADEC Preview can handle your scanning needs, regardless of its size. Contact us to find out more about our large format scanning capabilities.