Bulk Document Scanning Bulk Document Scanning in Sydney Australia with an IBML ImageTrac, a vast scanning system, ADEC Previews ability to digitize paper in value and quality.

Paper documents have always been a part of running a business, but proper management of these files often present a challenge. Paper documents, in particular, are bulky in nature and can instantly create clutter. Searching for a particular document might require hours of poring and sifting through each cabinet or drawer. There’s also the risk of losing these paper files to hazards such as fire and gradual deterioration, which is bad news if some of them contain sensitive and critical information. Digitising documents is the ideal solution to this problem, but you’ll want to work with a provider who has the expertise, the quality assurance and the right approach.

As the leader in document management solutions, ADEC Preview provides custom-fit scanning services to organisations nationwide, regardless of its bulk or volume. With our bulk document scanning services, you can digitise an entire archive of paper documents and have easy access to all of them through a digital repository. With our track record spanning over two decades, there’s no scanning job that’s too small or too big for our team of document scanning experts at our facility.


We operate one of the largest scanning bureaus in Australia. With a combination of IBML Image Trac and a vast array of other specialist scanning systems, ADEC Preview's ability to digitise paper is unrivalled in both value and quality.

As one of the largest scanning facilities in Australia, we house the latest and best scanning equipment that can accommodate large volumes of paper documents. We combine the world’s best scanning capabilities with our own array of specialist scanning systems to transform paper into high-quality images. With these systems in place, we can produce as much as 400,000 scans every single day in our Sydney bulk scanning facility. .

Our scanning services strictly follow industry standards, as attested by our numerous certifications for quality and security procedures. More importantly, we offer these capabilities at the competitive rates, thereby giving you good value for your investment. Whether you require regular capture of documents or the conversion of an entire archive, you can count on our team at ADEC Preview to deliver.


Our file retrieval services can also convert your documents into your preferred format once it has been scanned. Images can be in Tiff, PDF, or JPEG formats, and can even be created in colour, grey scale, or black and white.

All scanned images are uploaded at eView+, our very own virtual vault. Here, you can easily access your digitised documents through a standard web browser. Simply key in your log-in credentials and filter through folders, and you can have instant access to the file you need without breaking a sweat. eView+ is backed by a highly secure data centre, with operations augmented by multiple back-up facilities. We continuously reinforce the platform’s security by performing regular tests and ensuring we keep up with top level certifications.


With our bulk document scanning capabilities, we have been able to cater to the needs of the largest companies in the country. Organisations from these market sectors have already expressed their trust in ADEC Preview’s bulk document scanning. Though we are based in New South Wales, we also help clients in Newcastle, Wollongong, Canberra, NSW, ACT, Brisbane, Melbourne, and across Australia in both Metro and regional / country / remote areas.

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