Scanning Services ADEC Preview has extensive experience and solutions for all aspects of the document management process.

Businesses have long relied on drawers, file holders, and boxes to store paper documents. While these added a layer of security, these solutions afforded little to no protection against damage that can obliterate significant amounts of valuable data.

Secure Document Scanning Services

ADEC Secure document scanning services offer the most logical option to solve your records management image issues. There's more to these scanning services than simply placing a paper document into a scanner: businesses need high-quality scans that can be accessed in a secure repository whenever needed.

ADEC Preview makes it easier for businesses to digitise an entire archive of physical documents with our wide range of scanning services. These solutions can be custom-fit to meet the needs of your business, regardless of the size or volume. We combine the capabilities of the best technology with our own specialist scanning systems to produce high-quality scans.

Our Sydney facility can accommodate bulk document scanning requirements, regardless of the documents’ colour or size. The resulting images can be transformed into the format of your choice, be it on PDF or JPEG. Whether you need to capture data on a regular basis or convert a significant archive, no job is too big or small for our team of scanning experts at ADEC Preview.


As one of the largest scanning capacities in Australia, our systems are capable of generating over 400,000 high-quality scans every day at competitive rates. [Read more]


Our sophisticated scanning systems have the ability to scan materials up to A0+ without losing the finer details. We can convert scanned images to DWG or DXF formats, which can be used in industry-standard design packages.


Scanned images can be uploaded to eView+, ADEC Preview’s own online repository for digitised documents. eView+ is the leading web-based platform that offers a secure repository for all scanned documents, which can be accessed anytime and anywhere. eView+ is being used by some of the largest blue chip organisations and public authorities for their document archiving needs. [Learn more about eView+]


ADEC Preview works with numerous organisations from different market sectors on their own document digitisation needs. Our services are tailored to meet the specific requirements of their particular field.


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