Pharmacy Script Management All your pharmacy script management needs sorted - from storage, retrieval, and digitalisation to end-of-life destruction.

Pharmacy scripts have a national minimum retention period of two years from the date of supply. During this time, scripts don’t just sit in boxes in your pharmacy’s backroom. They consume valuable space, time and energy to store, retrieve and manage.

ADEC Preview removes the burden of pharmacy script management – cost-effectively, quickly and securely.

End-to-end script solutions

We provide a range of script management solutions, including physical storage of hard copies and digital administration.

The storage service is delivered on a per-box, per-month basis and is supported by the collection, transportation, retrieval, and end-of-life secure box destruction options.

Our Script Manager software is a bespoke tool built for pharmacists’ script administration needs. This user-friendly software provides a view of stored inventory, enables efficient script retrieval and simple search. At the same time, the dual authentication login provides increased cyber security.

Solutions overview

  • Script manager software Script Manager software
  • Script box collection Script box collection
  • Script box storage Script box storage
  • Script retrieval Script retrieval
  • Box destruction Box destruction


  Free up space   Cluttered storage
  Retrieval on demand   Manual digging through boxes
  Privacy and security   Unauthorised access, alteration, theft or loss
  Cost savings   Chemists’ time spent on script management

Script Management to fit your needs

We work with pharmacy chains, individual franchises, and independent pharmacies.

Retention periods can vary across different states and territories, the Script Manager software allows pharmacists to order secure document destruction in-line with the region they operate in.


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