Document Storage & Archiving As part of its overall operation, ADEC Preview provides storage, reduction, and destruction services.

An integral part of managing documents for businesses is ensuring its safety and protection. This becomes even more important amidst the looming threat of data breaches, which have already afflicted the world’s biggest organisations. Data privacy is an issue that businesses in the Australian and New Zealand markets must face and address, regardless of their size. Businesses generate massive volumes of crucial and sensitive information, which must be stored and protected from possible breaches. With this in mind, your business must prioritise the security of your documents through proper document storage and retrieval.

As one of the largest document management facilities in Australia, our Sydney team has the capabilities for document storage, archiving, and retrieval. We know how important it is to safeguard the data on your documents. Our document archiving system makes it easier for you to securely access the data you need whenever and wherever you are.

Digitising your documents adds another layer of protection for important business data. Doing away with bulky paper files frees up more space in the workplace and reduces the risk of document damage through natural causes like mould or fire. Your business is also helping the environment by doing away with paper documents and transitioning into a fully digital workplace.


Digitise all your paper documents and free up considerable office space by utilising ADEC Preview’s document warehouse. Your documents will be placed in a secure and environmentally controlled facility designed to keep them in mint condition. Should you need access or retrieve a particular document, you can simply reach out to our team, and we will send it through eView+, our secure web document repository.


Certain documents may have outlived their use, but throwing them away through your normal rubbish or recycling may not be the right thing to do. Let ADEC Preview dispose of old documents properly. We make use of static and mobile cross-cut shredders to destroy old documents, virtually leaving no trace of the original. Our secure and confidential document destruction services are available both on-site in Sydney and off-site across New South Wales and Australia.


ADEC Preview makes it possible for you to retrieve paperwork from our repository in an instant. You can simply request access through eView+, which is our secure online document repository where we upload our clients’ digitised documents.

As the virtual vault for all important documents, eView+ provides easy access to scanned images for anyone with the necessary clearance. eView+ is highly secure and is currently being used for numerous large-scale organisations in Australia and around the world.

Bulk Document Scanning Sydney

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