Digitise with the GP Grants Program How local practices are evolving with GP grants program funding

General practices and medical centres around New South Wales now have the means to invest in innovation – all thanks to the Strengthening Medicare GP Grants program.

For local practices that still rely heavily on paper records, this is a big opportunity.

The GP Grants program aims to help practices enhance their digital health capabilities. The goal is to enable more seamless and secure communication of patient data.

By using this funding to digitise your medical records, you can make a number of important long-term improvements in one move.


How digitising medical records helps in the long term

  1. It makes it easier to manage patient relationships.

    Digital medical records are easier to share, retrieve and secure. Your patients can get the information they want without overburdening your staff.

  2. It makes security and compliance much easier to manage.
    Digital records make compliance less of a burden on your operations. They secure your data and they don’t deteriorate like paper records do.

  3. It saves space.
    Growing practices need every square foot of space they can get and paper records take up a lot of space.

  4. It sets you up for new digital health services in the future.
    With digitised medical records, you can make sure your existing patients benefit from new services you may start to offer in the future.

  5. It protects your practice.
    The document management services you use to digitise your records can also facilitate professional disaster recovery protocols for your practice.

If your local practice still relies on paper records, the GP Grants program may be the opportunity you need to make an important change. 


Digitise medical records with ADEC Preview

At ADEC Preview we have over 20 years experience of working with healthcare organisations of every size to digitise their most important records.

We are the preferred partners for medical records scanning services in NSW. See how we’ve helped a hospital digitise documents threatened by mould or how we’ve helped a plastic surgeon protect his records.  

When it comes to digitising GP records ADEC Preview offers a full suite of solutions to suit your needs, from medical document scanning to online data hosting and secure record destruction.

With our secure cloud service, you have convenient online access to your records and data.

Full range of services we deliver:

  • Packing

  • Script box collection


  • Document digitisation

  • Box destruction

    Secure destruction

  • Data hosting


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