GP Grants spending deadline 30 June 2024

GP Medical Records Digitisation

Got Your Strengthening Medicare GP Grant? Use it or Lose it!

The Australian Government’s Strengthening Medicare GP Grants offer GPs the funding they need to invest in their digital health capability and modernise their practices – including digitising medical records.

The deadline for general practices to spend their grant funds is 30 June 2024.

Use it or lose it! Digitise your medical documents with ADEC Preview!

Why Should I Digitise My Medical Records?

For practices that still rely heavily on paper records, the grants program has been a big opportunity to gear up their practices for the digital age.

One of the primary goals of digitising medical records is to enable more seamless and secure communication of patient data . Other benefits of digitising medical records include ensuring your patients benefit from streamlined service in a clutter-free, future-forward environment.

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What are Our Digitalisation Solutions for General Practices?

Whether preparing a practice for sale, merger, or closure, or gearing up a practice for the digital future through the Strengthening Medicare GP Grants Program, ADEC Preview can help.

With our digitalisation solutions for GPs, you can transition from paper to pixels, cost-effectively and easily, leaving you free to focus on patient care.

The full range of services we deliver includes packing, collection, document digitisation, secure destruction and data hosting, with costs calculated on documents scanned, and the type of indexing required.

Full Range of Services We Deliver:

  • Document

  • Document

  • Document

  • Blank page

  • Document

  • Saved to

  • Document

  • Certificate of

How Does it Work?

Document Scanning

Medical records scanning work is carried out off-site. You have the option of sending documents to us, or we can pack/collect and safely transport them to our facility in New South Wales.

Document Preparation

We thoroughly prepare medical documents for scanning. This can include removing staples, binding, and other materials that might obscure or prevent processing through our high-tech scanners.

Blank Page Deletion

After scanning, blank pages are deleted and documents are indexed according to your specifications.

Document Indexing

You can choose a variety of indexing options; we can index by surname, first name, date of birth, patient record, or any other requirement. Our clients usually opt for two or three indexing approaches per data set (often that mirrors their physical filing system) to ensure easy retrieval.

Document Storing

Digital files are then saved to a hard drive or USB, as per your preference, and handed over to you. We recommend backing up files to another location, like the cloud. There is also the option for us to store your digital documents in the cloud for you.

Document Destruction

Paper records are kept for three months, before permission is sought to destroy the files. We never destroy files without permission. 

For your records, a certificate is issued to confirm document destruction.

That’s just what the doctor ordered – purge the paper with ADEC Preview!

Giving GPs Power Over Their Patients Records Management

Managing medical records is part and parcel of every practice, and compliance is key. GPs are required to retain medical and patient records for the retention periods stipulated in their state or territory. Our end-to-end document management solutions for the healthcare industry allow GPs in Australia to secure document destruction in line with their region of operation*.

We have over 20 years of experience working with healthcare organisations of every size to digitise their most important records and are the preferred partners for medical records scanning in New South Wales.

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With New South Wales requiring retention of medical records for a minimum of ten years after last attendance, storage space can become an issue, as can potential deterioration of documents in long-term storage.

See how we helped this plastic surgeon declutter and protect his records, or how we helped a hospital digitise documents threatened by mould when fungi infected their records storage rooms.

*Please check the legislation pertaining to your territory of operation to ensure regulatory compliance. Please also consider any other applicable State/Commonwealth legislation or professional standards that apply to business and patient records, including the right to information and personal information protection.

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