Information Capture Data Capture Services Sydney, Collecting data from survey forms, data capture methods, the competition returns, applications, warranty cards.

Information Capturing Services

ADEC Preview has been involved in a very wide range of data collection projects and can capture, process and present data in many familiar formats using a combination of automated forms processing and manual data entry where necessary.

ADEC Preview's data collection equipment include automated envelope opening and high speed digital scanners that can process barcodes, handwritten text, OMR codes and can also verify addresses and signatures.

The processing and presentation of data varies from client to client but typically involves:

  • Inbound forms and coupons can be addressed directly to ADEC Preview's processing centre, to a PO box number or forwarded from the client or third party.
  • Envelopes are opened and contents are prepared, de-stapled etc.
  • Contents are scanned and interpreted.
  • Data is manipulated and tabulated in the desired format.
  • ADEC Preview can also accept client scanned documents and index these according to the client's own specification.

ADEC Preview offers a combination of expertise, experience, and economies of scale that means that costs are significantly lower than those for the equivalent results created in-house. Our clients include some of Australia's leading mail order companies, publishers, and retail organisations.

And when time is of the essence, ADEC Preview offers a turnaround that is typically within a few hours of receiving the data.

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