Data Capture There are all kinds of methods for capturing data from physical and electronic records. ADEC Preview has a wide range of specialist solutions.

Businesses handle massive volumes of data every day, including a vast amount of information coming from their customers. Digitising physical records and documents comes with a need to ensure that all crucial and sensitive data is digitised securely. Digitising all collected data from physical forms poses challenges, including the need to process handwritten data and barcodes. To ensure a seamless digital transformation, businesses must work with a capable data capture services provider.

ADEC Preview helps businesses and Government departments capture and manage all important customer data collected from physical forms, regardless of size or volume.


ADEC Preview captures, processes, and presents data from formats such as survey forms, competition returns, applications, and warranty cards. We accomplish this through a combination of automated form processing and manual data entry. Our expertise in information capture has earned the trust of leading mail order companies, publishers, and retail organisations all around Australia. [Read more]


Businesses can trust ADEC Preview in rolling out and managing new or current loyalty card schemes. Whether as a partner or as a primary contractor, ADEC Preview can handle all facets of your loyalty card program and ensure everything goes smoothly. [Read more]


Exams, application forms, and questionnaires often use OMR in collecting data. Instead of spending a small fortune in equipment, let ADEC Preview process and manage all data captured. We have developed applications and workflow systems to meet your organisation’s needs. [Read more]


Our team understands that time is always of the essence for most data collection projects. Given our expertise and in-house equipment, ADEC Preview is capable of providing faster turnaround times, beginning within a few hours of receiving the data from our clients. We scan, interpret, manipulate, and tabulate data from physical forms into the desired format, which can also be indexed according to our clients’ specifications.

These capabilities translate to significant savings for your business, especially when compared to the same results achieved in-house. Regardless of the size and volume of the project, ADEC Preview is well-equipped to meet your data capture needs.


ADEC Preview is backed with a proven track record of digitising physical documents for organisations and Governments around Australia.


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