Payment & Remittance Processing If you are seeking an outsourced payment processing solution, then ADEC Preview is your premier partner. Our worldwide payment processing centres provide organisations with a complete comprehensive coverage while minimising clearing and delivery times. Our services are also scaled to handle any changing of volume if need be, whether it be increasing or decreasing, and pricing is based on actual transaction volumes so customers pay only for the services they use.

Key Deliverables:


The service yields fewer bad cheques, provides earlier fraud detection, fewer errors, enhanced privacy and reduced costs.


Increased efficiencies are gained by converging all payment streams, including paper cheques, images, Image Replacement Documents (IRDs), substitute cheques, Automated Clearing House (ACH) and debit transactions.


Reports and extracts can be delivered via the Internet, EDI or CD.


ADEC utilises its own transport devices that process payments up.