Incoming Mail Processing ADEC Preview's Incoming Mail Processing service allows clients to outsource all the time consuming and costly elements of their incoming mail processing and the requirement to have internal staff members to process and deliver their incoming company mail.

Conveniently situated 500 metres from a local mail sorting office, our processing facility allows clients to create a local PO Box and direct all their incoming company mail to it.

Once the mail is received at our processing facility it is then batched and bar-coded for processing. Mail is opened, sorted, scanned and indexed accordingly and returned to the client in various formats and channels.

Incoming Mail Processing Service Sectors

This service is currently being used by a number of our clients within several different departments, these include:

  • Standard Daily Mail Delivery
  • Accounts Payable Invoice Processing
  • Proof of Delivery Processing
  • Claims Processing
  • Utility & Telecom Bills for Auditing
  • Consumer Correspondence
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Loyalty Programs and many, many more.

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