Forms & Order Processing ADEC Preview has experience in handling all types of paper and electronic forms for a wide variety of clients. With this experience ADEC Preview has developed a highly efficient outsourced process that is flexible to adapt to any requirement and/or process change that may be requested by a client. Outsourcing your forms and order processing not only produces significant savings but also provides strategic benefits across the entire organisation. Data can be captured more accurately, customer accounts can be managed more efficiently and applications approved more quickly. Fluctuating volumes can also be dealt easily without having to manage changing requirements in staff, technology and/or locations.

Key Deliverables:


Share in the benefits of minimal set-up costs.


Access a highly automated and streamlined process perfected over many years.


Speed up the customer account opening process and improve service levels.


Data checks can be made to improve accuracy such as address validation, credit checks, anti-fraud and ID checks.



Proprietary monitoring system provides greater MIS and improved control over staff performance and processes.


Highly experienced operators ensure the highest quality results.


Additional services such as telephony to complete rejected or incomplete forms are provided.