Financial Data Reporting & Analysis It's not Outsourcing, It's Resourcing!

Throughout the years, ADEC Preview’s Business Process Outsourcing Solutions has been helping clients attend to their complex and diverse Data Processing requirements. Over the years, ADEC Preview has partnered with a number of clients by providing them comprehensive solutions to address their mission-critical Data Processing requirements in order to meet process schedules in a cost-effective way. 

ADEC specialises in:

Data Entry

Data Conversion

Forms Processing

Document Processing

OCR Clean up, ICR, OMR

Data Mining



At ADEC Preview’s Business Process Outsourcing Solutions, we offer efficient data processing solutions for organisations across the globe. We aim to facilitate our associates with activities that lie beyond their core functions, by utilising our expertise in the data processing, capture and digitisation of data from diverse input sources, such as, Web forms, e-mails, delimited files, scanned images and hardcopy documents.

ADEC Preview's data processing tasks include:

  • High volume data processing
  • Integration of multiple and/or disparate data sets
  • Migration, consolidation, and summarisation of data
  • Database creation by extracting information from web pages, print images, and unstructured content.
  • Change formatting and separate data fields and more...


We can deliver data in any of the structured file formats such as MS Word, MS Excel, CSV, XML or any proprietary software format our client's prefers, whether it be sent by e mail, in CD, DVD or directly uploaded through a secure FTP server.