Accounts Payable ADEC Preview provides customised solutions for the automatic handling of supplier invoices, credit notes and other accounts payable information.

Our comprehensive service covers the manually intensive operation of processing payable invoices, from purchase to receipt and then to payment. Using automated recognition technology, combined with sophisticated web based invoice approval workflow, ADEC Preview delivers scanning from Australia's highest capacity site in Frenchs Forest.

Our service can be totally tailored to suit your own requirements and can cover all or just some of the following processes:

  • Mail receipt via a central PO or GPO Box

    Secure service using a centralbox registered at our facility.

  • Imaging

    We use the best IBML scanners to ensure the highest quality images even from feint dot matrix invoices.

  • Data Integration

    ADEC Preview can export data to Oracle, SAP, Sage and virtually any other ERP or Accounts system.

  • Data capture from paper

    We use highly automated invoice capture software to extract header and/or line item data at up to 12,000 invoices per hour.

  • Three Way Data Matching

    We can validate data against POs, Invoices & Delivery Notes (or any other data) to ensure a 99.9% accuracy of your payables information.

  • Data Availability

    ADEC Preview can export data to you via secure VPN or FTP Links.

  • Cost Centre Coding and approval

    ADEC Preview can code invoices with cost centre and department codes and then forward these for approval using a simple web interface.

  • Problem Resolution

    ADEC Preview can produce exception lists for resolution internally to pre-defined rules and parameters.

  • Management Reporting

    Reports are issued daily that provide all the statistics and exception reporting you require.

  • Storage

    We can store your documents online or in paper format for the regulatory minimum 7 years or send back scanned images on CD.

  • Per Transaction costs

    We invoice you at a fixed rate per transaction, so you can develop an accurate and manageable budget for your invoice processing costs.