Archiving & Retrieval ADEC Preview operates some of the most advanced facilities for digital and physical storage and can provide services to suit all requirements.

Paper records and documents are bulky and heavy, and accessing them means conducting the time-consuming task of sifting through folders or drawers and they can be easily damaged. Archiving is the obvious solution to these document woes. Instead of devoting an office space for document storage, opt for a digital document repository where you can access your files and records instantly.

ADEC Preview operates one of Australia’s largest and most advanced facilities for storing physical and digital documents. Our facility in Sydney is a secure and environmentally-controlled unit that utilises the latest tools to maintain your paper documents in the best condition possible. By letting us archive your documents in our facility, you’re freeing up more space in the workplace, which can translate to lesser operating costs and bigger opportunities.


ADEC Preview also offers a repository for all your digital files. eView+ is one of the leading virtual vaults in the country, and it offers secure and instant access to scanned documents anytime, anywhere. This serves as a document repository for all your files, which can be securely accessed even through a standard web browser.

The infrastructure behind our online document repository is in a highly-secure data centre, and their operations are augmented with multiple back-up facilities. This secure operational structure enables us to provide a secure document storage repository in Sydney for some of the largest organisations across the country.


We also use eView+ as a platform to retrieve physical documents for our clients. Simply let our team know the nature of the document or file you require, and our capable team will locate, scan, and upload it onto our web repository or send it to your email quickly. Through this method, you’ll no longer need to worry about losing physical files or spending several days waiting for your documents to arrive.

File Retrieval Services Sydney

Retrieving documents can be made simpler by digitising them first. ADEC Preview provides a wide range of document scanning solutions and imaging services that can fit specific needs.

Our digitization services encompass the following:

• High speed scanning service

• Large format scanning

• Legal document scanning expertise

• Medical Record Scanning Expertise

• Scan on Demand

• Onsite Scanning Services

• File Retrieval Services

• Secure Document Storage

Regardless of its size, volume, or complexity, we have the capabilities of digitising bulky documents, therefore ushering your business towards achieving digital transformation.

All scanned images are instantly uploaded on eView+, where you can retrieve your documents anytime and anywhere, even through your standard browser. Only people with the necessary clearance can access your documents on eView+, therefore significantly reducing the risk of breaches.


eView+ is just one of ADEC Preview’s solutions that cater to the digitisation needs of public and private organisations in Australia and New Zealand. Brief us about your archiving needs and we can offer a customised solution.


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