January 2012

ADEC Group nominated in Asia CEO Awards 2011

ADEC Group was selected as a finalist in a couple of hard-earned distinctions in the most prestigious business event in the Philippines and Asia Pacific, the Asia CEO Awards 2011. ADEC Group CEO James Donovan and CFO Carol Esguerra were shortlisted for the "Executive Leadership Team of the Year." ADEC Group was also nominated for the "Most Innovative Company" category.

Asia CEO Awards, presented by American Express, represents the grandest alliance of local and international business people participating to promote the Philippines on the world stage. As one of the largest events of its kind in the country and in the region, the Asia CEO Awards picks the most accomplished leadership teams and individuals in ten categories and recognises their outstanding achievements for their organisations and contributions to others.

ADEC Group was recognized for its outstanding accomplishments in innovation while demonstrating internationally recognisable competitive advantage over similar global businesses. Additionally, ADEC numbered among nominees in the "Most Innovative Company" category by being one of the local pioneers of building BPO's in the Philippines, and succeeding in foreseeing market demand and growth potential by creating key pioneering and diverse verticals in the KPO and BPO industry.

ADEC CEO Donovan and CFO Esguerra were named as finalist in Asia CEO Awards "Executive Leadership Team." It is one success to hurdle through building an entrepreneurial venture. But it takes discipline and follow-through to execute past the creative and visionary stage to bring the business concept to reality and beyond. Ms. Esguerra and Mr. Donovan identified value to envision and create organisations based on the scalable business model of People, Process, and Technology.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, European Chamber of Commerce, Korean Chamber of Commerce, notable academes, and business leaders were from among the judges and organisers of the Asia CEO Awards. Other sponsors for the Awards are KPMG, Blue Cross, Ford, Business Mirror, Accenture, and Jones Lang LaSalle.

ADEC Group CEO Shares Winning Strategy

Highlighting his company's flexible, innovative, and customer-driven approach, ADEC Group CEO James Donovan talked about the importance of niche strategy in leveraging opportunities in the information technology and business process outsourcing (IT-BPO) industry during a speaking engagement at the well-attended 2011 International Outsourcing Summit (IOS) held recently at Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza.

In his presentation, Donovan attributed the success of the ADEC Group to its ability to seize niche opportunities and on its mandate for innovation. Donovan said, "We ventured to different areas because each time we had a vision and an idea, we went for it. Our purpose has always been to change lives around us." Catering to unmet consumer demands is a major challenge by itself, but sustaining market position is most of the time even tougher. ADEC Group achieves this by using innovation as its main business driver. "We think ahead to stay ahead. This is the only way to provide the best value to our customers," Donovan adds.

Using ADEC Group as a model, Donovan described how customised outsourcing solutions have enabled the streamlining of services to clients. By expanding into five different companies American Data Exchange, ADEC Solutions, FirstCarbon Solutions, A-Plus English Online, and PharmaKPO in only a span of 14 years, ADEC Group has been successful in catering to distinct markets. Each company specialises in a specific process such as document management solutions, finance and accounting solutions, healthcare solutions, logistics administration, sustainability process management solutions, and legal solutions, to name a few. "Domain expertise goes hand-in-hand with innovation," explained Donovan.

Prior to closing his presentation, Donovan articulated ADEC Group's going forward plans, "We will continue to expand by looking at opportunities in other verticals, and by improving our capabilities in higher level knowledge-based outsourcing."

Donovan ended his presentation at the IOS by stressing the potential of the Philippine IT-BPO industry. "I see a great future in the Philippine outsourcing community. I see the possibility of us actually taking the capabilities and exporting it to new developing offshore destinations where the Philippines provides the DNA that helps this global shift of work around the globe."

Case Study - Frucor

As a market leader in energy drinks in Australia and New Zealand, Frucor drinks can usually be found at any outlet.

With the requirement to reconcile all agreements used when placing fridges into stores, Frucor needed to track and report on the outlets without agreements and ensure that they were provided with agreements that could be signed and be easily accessible if required.

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Case Study - Gosford Vascular

When ADEC Preview was approached by Gosford Vascular Services, they had the daunting task of trying to digitise all their patient medical records.

With a lack of space and the requirement to be able to easily locate and add additional information to files, Gosford Vascular was wondering if the scanning and elimination of the paper-based medical records would be feasible.

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Overview of additional services

Health and Medical Records

Medical Records Management

In response to the medical arenas Electronic Records Management initiatives, hospitals, specialists and GP practices are progressively working towards the digitisation of all patient records.


  • Easy access for medical professionals in multiple locations
  • Compliance with Freedom of Information Legislation
  • Significant space saving
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Prevention of deterioration of records

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Financial Services

ADEC Preview's Business Process Outsourcing Solutions can help you cope with the increasing economic pressure of globalisation and significant accounting and financial regulatory pressure in which many businesses are being stretched just trying to remain compliant. The cost and effort required to develop, maintain, and manage an efficient, highly professional in-house finance and accounting staff along with the sheer volume of data often creates backlogs that result in serious problems with bookkeeping and reconciliations. Managing receivables and payables effectively requires constant attention to detail and extraordinary diligence. ADEC Preview's offers a solution that goes far beyond what is expected.

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