April 2012

Visit ADEC Preview at CeBit 2012

ADEC Preview will once again be exhibited at CeBIT Australia on the Philippines Business Process Outsourcing stand. The Philippines has established itself as one of the world's leading centres for business process outsourcing (BPO) - both outsourcing to third party service providers, and offshoring to captive subsidiaries undertaking a range of back office and support functions for multinational companies.

The ADEC Group head office is based in Manila and provides time-less cost effective solutions through its Australian based facility ADEC Preview.

  • Document Imaging
  • Data Extraction & Manipulation
  • Accounts Payable Processing
  • Human Resources
  • Supply Chain Logistics
  • Mailroom Services
  • Online Image Storage

The ins and outs of digitising paper documents

Digitisation and scanning paper documents offer space savings and improved efficiency, and many organisations are using scanning as an option when faced with large volumes of paper based records. Scanned documents can be reliably found and accessed by more than one person simultaneously, and scanning is a valuable preservation option to provide access to older or fragile records. Digitisation can also allow for more complete integration with digital content and records systems.

After being approached by customers for advice on this issue, the ADEC Preview team contacted Sydney-based firm Recordkeeping Innovation who offers consulting and services in this area.

As expert technical consultants, Recordkeeping Innovation in conjunction with National Archives Australia, drafted the digitisation standard. These standards establish minimum technical requirements for maintaining records in digital format only, where the original paper, or other non-digital source records, has been copied electronically by digitising or other means. It sets out the requirements for digitisation and disposal of source records, and outlines best practice recommendations for digitisation processes. Developed for government, these standards provide technical details for anyone keeping information for more than 10 years, as it ensures software compatibility, optical standards and the ability to preserve the digital information for many years.

Recordkeeping Innovation has extensive experience in archiving and preserving information and are able to offer you advice on how to get started, what are the benefits and pitfalls, and what to look for when starting a project of this nature.

For more information on the digitisation standard see the URL below or to learn how Recordkeeping Innovation can assist help you with your digitisation needs, please call 02 9267 3700 or visit RKI's website www.records.com.au.

Case Study - Anglo Coal

Anglo Coal is one of Australia's leading coal producers with extensive mining interests in Queensland and New South Wales.

Capcoal Management a division of Anglo Coal operates an open cut mine and three underground mines which produce premium quality hard coking coal for the export steel markets.

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Case Study - Western Australia Museum

Western Australia Museum established in 1891 is one of the oldest organisations in the state. As with any museum, it has accumulated an enormous wealth of records, special publications and supplements pertaining to birds, mammals and reptiles.

Many of the documents are donated and are priceless with generally only a handful of copies in the world. ADEC Preview was approached to digitise these documents, which would then be uploaded into the museums online 'Publications of Western Australia' repository for viewing by the general public.

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Overview of additional services

Education Scanning

ADEC Preview has vast experience in digitising material for the education market.

From examination papers to HR records to departmental archive material for online availability, ADEC Preview works with a wide range of organisations to ensure secure and cost effective solutions.

Since 2006 ADEC Preview has been responsible for scanning GCSE and A-Level papers for UK's largest assessment body - Cambridge Assessment.

E-Marking is now only made possible due to the secure and cost effective service that ADEC Preview can offer.

In addition, ADEC Preview now works with other professional bodies to help manage their examination e-Marking programmes and is now considered a World leader in this type of activity.

Schools and colleges also number amongst many of ADEC Preview's clients where cost saving and attention to detail are always high on the agenda for digitisation projects.

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Distribution Scanning

Keeping a track of the paper that supports distribution of material can be a challenge.

ADEC Preview works with some of Australia's leading distribution organisations to manage the information contained on paper documents - in particular PODs, air waybills and other consignment documentation.

By rapidly scanning, capturing data and indexing documents, a distribution operation can speed up the cash collection and query process dramatically.

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