Comprehensive Mail Processing and Response Handling

Maintaining contact with customers or prospects via direct mail and other "offline" methods remains an essential element for any successful organisation in spite on the increasing use of digital communication. This might be a stand alone action or, more likely, as part of a campaign that is running both on and offline.

Whichever the case, critical to its success is the ability to gather the information produced safely and securely, and then integrate it with information collected elsewhere at other customer touchpoints. To do this effectively, it is imperative to that the mail processing and response handling of the incoming information is carried out effectively.

The response handling may also be the first contact that customers have with your company, so it is essential that it is handled smoothly and professionally. First impressions count and this process can often be one of the key aspects of a direct marketing campaign.

The comprehensive mail processing and response handling service which ADEC Preview offers gives you the peace of mind that your campaign will be able to make best use of the data it supplies and that your reputation will be in safe hands. Securely receiving the forms or letters, handling and scanning the contents, indexing and recording the information and environmentally disposing of the paper are all part of the services.

The services are particularly well suited for companies carrying out any sort of direct mail campaign, whether they are doing so in a primarily sales capacity, are conducting surveys or specific market research or are carrying out other types of promotional campaigns.

So what are the specific instances where the type of services that are on offer prove to be most effective?

Promotional Campaigns

  • postal competition entries
  • mail order purchases
  • coupon response
  • free samples

Forms Processing

  • surveys and questionnaires
  • customer feedback forms
  • market research forms
  • donations
  • customer loyalty schemes: card applications, loyalty forms etc.

Information Cleansing

  • processing return to sender items
  • direct mailing list cleaning

Mail Processing means that you can give your customers the right first impressions and maintain all of your information rtant than the problem you are trying to solve, so give ADEC Preview a call today!

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