E Innovation online - document scanning uses and ideas!

Document Scanning Uses and Ideas

The ADEC Preview management team consider the Company to be pretty innovative. But what has struck me recently is that our clients leave us in the shade when it comes to finding ways in which scanning can help them!

We've always known that digitising an archive of paper can save space and make images more available. We’ve also known that digitising can be a key part of a disaster recovery plan. We’ve even understood that converting paper into electronic material can improve workflow at the point of receipt.

But some of the fastest growth areas have come with the help of the on line image repository.

The on line image repository has created a wealth of reasons to scan. From Virtual Data Rooms used in the M&A world to vehicle mileage recording to the on line display of PODs for customer services departments and clients alike. Once digitised material can be made available online in a few hours.

One of the most innovative ideas we have seen is a means of generating revenue from mountains of archive material. They say ‘knowledge is power’ and clients charging the public to view and download historic material - which otherwise would not see the light of day, is now possible using a charging module on services such as ADEC Preview’s eView+ image repository. Simply by converting records of all types - from burial records to industry libraries our clients are both preserving material in perpetuity and benefiting financially from the process at the same time.

Sometimes I wish I’d saved all my old copies of Wycombe Wanderers fan club magazine!