June 2008

Newsletter from ADEC Preview Services - June 2008


Surveys come easy to the Legal Services Commission - Scan and Index Online

When an organisation is looking to conduct a survey, it can be a daunting task at the best of times. When it is looking to collect and act on the requirements of several thousand individuals, this adds additional complexity. And when this needs to be done both online and offline with all of the results collated electronically, then you would expect to have to coordinate multiple suppliers which could have you pulling your hair out!

At least that’s what the Legal Services Commission imagined when they instigated a nationwide census.

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Virtual Datarooms: Not Just for Lawyers - ADEC Preview

Virtual datarooms are most commonly associated with very specific situations such as the due diligence process during a merger or acquisition. However, virtual datarooms are much more versatile than that and can be of enormous benefit to any company that has large amounts of confidential information that need to be stored and shared securely.

A virtual dataroom is essentially a secure on-line document management system that allows you to store and index its information securely and then locate and retrieve it as required. Looked at in that way, the benefits that most companies can get from them start to become clearer.

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Comprehensive Mail Processing and Response Handling

Maintaining contact via direct mail and other "offline" methods with customers or prospects remains important in spite of the increasing use of digital communications. Best used as part of a campaign being run both on and offline, its success is dependent on the ability to gather the information produced safely and securely, and then integrate it with information collected elsewhere at other customer touchpoints.

To do this effectively, it is imperative that the mail processing and response handling of the incoming information is carried out effectively. This is particularly important as the response handling may be the first contact that customers have with your company, so it is essential that it is handled smoothly and professionally. First impressions count and this process can often be one of the key aspects of a direct marketing campaign.

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Blogging on Scanning - ADEC Preview Document Scanning

We've been continuing to post on our Document Scanning blog and hope that you are finding it both useful and interesting to read.

The aim of the blog has been to provide information of interest covering both what ADEC Preview is doing as well as subjects around the key services we offer in terms of document scanning, document management etc. We would, however, be very interested in hearing more about what you would like to read about, so that we can incorporate that in future posts.

So please take the time to leave your comments on the post "We'd like to hear your Views" and tell us what you'd be interested in reading more about. And while you are there, why not sign up to the RSS feed to receive regular updates?

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*** STOP PRESS ***

The ADEC Preview team has just returned from a 2nd successful visit to the IT Directors’ Forum and, once again, virtualisation was a key topic of discussion along with the substantial benefits available from outsourced and managed services.

The delegates' focus was clearly not simply on the electronic storage solutions per se but on the ongoing advantages that data management delivers and the options it provides in terms of continuous improvement. We will be talking more about all these topics in the coming days and weeks.