Tracking Success at DB Schenker - Document Management

DB Schenker


ADEC Preview is committed to delivering quality across every aspect of its business and is also committed to an ongoing process of Quality Improvement.

DB Schenker combines all transport and logistic activities of Deutsche Bahn employing over 88,000 staff spread across about 2,000 locations in about 130 countries. In the UK with 26 locations and almost 1,000 employees, the company provides the complete range of land operations, international air and ocean freight forwarding and all related integrated logistics services and supply chain management.

As you would expect the company also has a policy of continuously improving the quality of its products and services - to achieve this, the ability of its customer service departments to respond quickly and accurately to enquiries regarding their shipments is fundamental.

As a result, DB Schenker needs to ensure that the delivery information is available to their customer service teams across a number of different departments. These teams handle all queries relating to the shipment of the goods, so having exact delivery information at their fingertips including who signed for them, means that, in the majority of cases, issues can be sorted instantly. For this reason, documentation such as Proof of Delivery papers are constantly scanned and indexed so the information can be accessed electronically by the relevant department.

This scanning had been carried out in house, but the ever increasing volumes meant that the internal systems were starting to reach breaking point. The decision was therefore taken to outsource the process to ensure that neither capacity nor quality standards would be an issue in the future. Armed with a set of requirements, DB Schenker evaluated a number of companies but found that it was ADEC Preview who offered the levels of experience and expertise they were looking for as well as eView+ as the jewel in the crown. There was little doubt that ADEC Preview was the company who could offer the solution which best fitted their needs.

The Proof of Delivery documents are collected by ADEC Preview and are then indexed and scanned at their Document Management Centre. After this, the files are uploaded into eView+, ADEC Preview’s purpose built secure data access system. eView+ gives DB Schenker’s authorised personnel the ability to search for and access the documents online though a web interface without impacting on their own systems.

As Paul Simmonds, Branch Manager for Heathrow Airport commented, "The eView+ system was a key element to the process. It gives our staff immediate access to all of the information they require, yet retains the security levels which are of key importance to the organisation, all without impacting on our own internal systems. It also allows us to scale the operation as required, safe in the knowledge that the online system will be able to handle the volumes of data".

So far the work has been focused purely on DB Schenker’s Heathrow branch, although the company’s operations are organised through their many branches around the UK. However, the results have been excellent so far and it is hoped that the solution will be rolled out to other branches in the future, initially to those in the south-east and then across the rest of the country.

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