examination paper e-marking

After nearly 18 months of trials and system testing, ADEC Preview has been selected by RM to become one of its major partners in the delivery of examination paper e-marking.

RM is the leading supplier of ICT to UK education and since 2003 has been offering e-marking services to a number of examination boards and professional bodies. In particular, their scoris® system has been adopted by Cambridge Assessment, Europe’s largest assessment agency.

Once students have completed their written papers, ADEC Preview’s scanning and logistics operations take over to create tens of millions of digital images each year. ADEC Preview has one of the largest scanning capacities in Europe and specialist teams of staff who can ramp up to the volumes required during the peak schools’ examination seasons.

"This agreement is a significant next step in our partnership with ADEC Preview as we work together to transform the assessment process for RM’s clients"

When ADEC Preview took on the first trials in early 2007, a number of scanning services providers had attempted to tackle the complex issues but come up short. The problems surrounding logistics, managing peak volumes and the incredibly tight time requirements associated with secure delivery of examination results needed considerable attention and resource. ADEC Preview was one of the first Companies to adopt the use of the Imagetrac scanning systems in the UK and this decision enabled high volumes to be managed at key times.

Once scanned, the ability to upload images fast was essential and with ADEC Preview’s development and IT expertise, systems were developed to cope with the huge volumes of data needed for the next stages of the e-marking process.

To support their work for RM, ADEC Preview has developed a range of specialist support products including Examtrac that allows data that has been created from the scanning process to be quickly processed and uploaded for e-marking. These systems are used exclusively with RM and are being continually developed to complement the other parts of the e-marking process.

Speaking after the signing of a long term managed service agreement between the parties, ADEC Preview’s Managing Director, Mike James said:

"Our team has worked incredibly hard to deliver robust and reliable solutions to RM over the last 18 months and we are delighted to have been chosen to deliver these services for the years to come. We are very excited about some of the opportunities in the future and look forward to a long and close working relationship with the RM team."

Stuart Hatton, RM’s Services Manager concurred saying: "After a successful period of volume pilots, I’m very pleased that we are now going to continue to grow our work with ADEC Preview. This agreement is a significant next step in our partnership with them as we work together to transform the assessment process for RM’s clients".

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