December 2008

News from ADEC Preview - December 2008


ADEC Preview Pass Examination - RM’s Partnership with ADEC

After nearly 18 months of trials and system testing, ADEC Preview has been selected by RM to become one of its major partners in the delivery of examination paper e-marking.


When ADEC Preview took on the first trials in early 2007, a number of scanning services providers had attempted to tackle the complex issues but come up short. The problems surrounding logistics, managing peak volumes and the incredibly tight time requirements associated with secure delivery of examination results needed considerable attention and resource.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey

We have had our biggest ever response to our Customer Satisfaction Survey which we sent out earlier this month. So, firstly, a big thank you to all of you who responded and provided us with feedback.

While we continually work to improve our service levels, we were pleased to see that overall we were rated Above Average in most of the categories in the survey. We were particularly delighted to read that we received a 97% approval rating from people stating that they would be happy to recommend ADEC Preview.

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Tracking Success at DB Schenker - Document Management

DB Schenker

You might be forgiven for thinking that the transport industry is solely focused on the business of moving goods from one location to another. While that certainly forms the core activities, there are a multitude of elements that then help to differentiate the services and add value.

According to DB Schenker, however, the key focus of their extensive operations is excellent customer service and this in turn is underpinned by accurate delivery tracking and accessible information. 

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Thriving in a recession - Scanning and Storing Digitally

When the economy hits a downturn and particularly when recession looms, companies have a tendency to retreat back into their shell and try to weather it out. However, according to many experts, this is exactly the time when companies should be taking steps to look at systems and processes which will enable them to not only survive the difficult times but to emerge stronger at the end of them.

This can touch many areas but some of the fundamental ones relate to managing and using effectively the information that flows in and out of the company. Here, we look at some of the benefits that this can bring to organisations of all sizes.

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