Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey 2007

ADEC Preview is committed to delivering quality across every aspect of its business and is also committed to an ongoing process of Quality Improvement.

As part of our ongoing commitment to maintaining and improving the quality of our products, service and support, we carry out an annual customer survey. This took place in the early part of November using an online customer satisfaction form.

We would very much like to thank all of you who took the time and effort to reply to the survey and we would also like to share the results with you.


The questions asked related to your experience with ADEC Preview regarding:

  • Q1 - Customer Focus / Responsiveness to your Enquiries
  • Q2 - Your satisfaction with the Products / Services
  • Q3 - Range of Products and Services
  • Q4 - Level of Expertise and Knowledge
  • Q5 - Our Ability to deliver on time
  • Q6 - Customer Support
  • Q7 - Conduct and Effectiveness of ADEC Preview Staff
  • Q8 - Overall Rating

We asked for these to be ranked from 1 to 5 with 1 indicating Poor and 5 being Excellent.

The overall response is shown below:

Customer Satisfaction Survey

In addition, we were particularly pleased that 98% of those who responded stated that they would recommend ADEC Preview to others.

Some of the comments which were sent in included:

"I find ADEC Preview to be a company that takes a lot of the day to day problems I have, with tasks such as filing away from my staff. With ADEC Preview I know I can trust them to just get on with the tasks we require that's a rare commodity these days."

"Very efficient and first class service delivered for another year."

"We had various teething problems but feel that now ADEC Preview is fully in control of our account I would recommend to another company."

"I have been really happy with the service that ADEC Preview provides and I am recommending them to other Trusts within the NHS."

"Great service, quality customer care. Terrific."


Thank you again for responding to the survey and rest assured will be looking to maintain and improve on these next year as well.