New Records Management Centre Opened

Following an extensive search for a suitable site ADEC Preview has now opened a new purpose built Records Management Centre (RMC) to complement its processing centre in Hanworth.

The RMC has been specially prepared to handle large volumes of paper for secure storage and in particular scan-on-demand retrieval services.

Located only half a mile from the processing centre, the RMC will hold around 100 million paper records in a secure managed environment. Using the world leading O’Neil software, every archive box and every movement is tracked individually. Furthermore a web based information facility is available to clients to enable them to keep track of the material under management.

The building is highly secure with a range of alarms and detection systems. It has no signage and records are maintained by barcode only to ensure confidentiality.

The RMC will be used for two key purposes:

  • To allow expansion of ADEC Preview’s processing centre and enable client records to be stored in bulk both prior to and after scanning
  • To expand ADEC Preview’s world class scan-on-demand service

ADEC Preview’s Scan-on-demand service enables large volumes of material to be stored and retrieved electronically and is particularly suitable for medical and financial records.

For further information on our Records Management Centre, contact us on 02 8397 6900 or click here to leave an enquiry on our contact us page