That's Entertainment ...!

Entertainment UK

... sang Paul Weller. But in fact one of ADEC Preview’s significant clients does a lot more than just entertain; Entertainment UK is the UK’s leading distributor of entertainment products.

If you’ve recently bought or rented any music CD, game or film on DVD there is a good chance that Entertainment UK were involved somewhere.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Woolworths Group, the Company supplies over a quarter of all the UK music and video market.

Naturally this creates a huge number of transactions and involves a large number of staff. So when Entertainment UK moved offices they were very keen to reduce the amount of material they took with them. Paper documents in particular were singled out for attention and, having worked closely with the recently acquired Sixteen35 Ltd, the natural partner was ADEC Preview.

Over several weeks ADEC Preview and Entertainment UK methodically worked through a number of departments to identify and catalogue material which was then scanned and indexed ready for subsequent viewing. Finance and HR were the biggest beneficiaries with over half a million images between them.

Accounts Payable Manager, Margaret O’Dwyer, has been a key figure in leading the digitisation and is delighted with the output. Now supplier invoices can be found at the touch of a button and the time this saves, alone, is significant.

Entertainment UK have just acquired Staffordshire based Total Home Entertainment and look set to continue expansion into the use of digital technology.

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