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Document scanning triggers office relocation

While there are many circumstances which can push an organisation to undertake the scanning of their documents and paper files, one of the most common is when it comes to relocating to new offices. This tends to be a time when both office processes and office layout are examined or planned - two elements which highlight perfectly the benefits of having scanned documents made available centrally and on-line rather than dotted around the building in filing cabinets.

Who contributes most to your document mountain?

Sometimes, within organisations, there is a lack of appreciation of the amount of paperwork and documentation which is generated on a day to day basis from every department. Although there is still much talk about the "paperless office" and there are many organisations which have taken steps towards achieving it, there are still very few which have totally managed it.

Document Scanning moves mountains for Carillion

With major construction projects comes a paperwork mountain to match and the efficient storage of all the drawings and information can provide an "Everest" size headache.

It was just this type of situation that Carillion, one of the UK’s leading support services and construction companies, found themselves in. A number of recently completed projects had generated so much documentation that it was being housed in several rooms on site and two additional lock ups, not to mention a number of corridor shelves which had been brought in to ease the pressure!

Virtualisation: top of the agenda at IT Directors' Forum

Virtualisation - well, that's a Web 2.0 word if ever I heard one. But what exactly does it mean? Well, in pure IT terms, you will often hear it used in connection with servers where it effectively allows you to run a number of operating systems and their applications on a single server.

However, when it comes to document scanning, virtualisation is used in a whole different context. Virtualisation refers to the idea of storing documents in a virtual environment, creating a secure storage area akin to a vault or a safe where we can keep our information and documents safe . just like in a physical one, only this time virtually.

Innovation online - document scanning uses and ideas!

The ADEC Preview management team consider the Company to be pretty innovative. But what has struck me recently is that our clients leave us in the shade when it comes to finding ways in which scanning can help them!

We’ve always known that digitising an archive of paper can save space and make images more available. We’ve also known that digitising can be a key part of a disaster recovery plan. We’ve even understood that converting paper into electronic material can improve workflow at the point of receipt.