February 2007

Newsletter from ADEC Preview Services - February 2007

Let me entertain you!

In fact one of ADEC Preview’s significant clients does a lot more than just entertain; Entertainment UK is the UK’s leading distributor of entertainment products.

If you’ve recently bought or rented any music CD, game or film on DVD there is a good chance that Entertainment UK were involved somewhere.

Naturally this creates a huge number of transactions and involves a large number of staff. So when Entertainment UK moved offices they were very keen to reduce the amount of material they took with them.

Entertainment UK Case Study : Read More

Virtual Data Rooms, ADEC Preview style

The use of Data Rooms has been a cornerstone of the Mergers and Acquisitions process for a number of years to help bring together the mountains of paper required in the due diligence process.

In today’s online environment, however, Virtual Data Rooms have superseded the need to set-up a physical Data Room and have opened up the potential for greater levels of security, easy access and use coupled with full auditing.

Virtual Data Rooms : Read More

The RMC and Scan on Demand

The launch of ADEC Preview's new Records Management Centre (RMC) was announced in last quarter's newsletter and the reaction so far has been excellent.

The RMC has been has been specially prepared to handle large volumes of paper for secure storage and in particular scan-on-demand retrieval services.

To find out more, just check the links below which outlines both the Centre's capabilities and our Scan-on-Demand services.

Scan-on-Demand : Read More

Records Management Centre : Read More

IT Directors' Forum

ADEC Preview will be exhibiting at the IT Directors' Forum for the first time in 2007.

With topics such as Records Management and Document Management being high on the agenda of most companies, it will be good to have the opportunity to discuss the range of solutions we can offer to fit every corporate need.

ADEC Preview's blog on Document Scanning

We've been starting to post to our Document Scanning blog and gradually getting into the swing of things!

The aim of the blog is to provide information of interest both to those involved directly in the industry or looking to use its services, as well as giving our thoughts on other aspects of business life.

Why not sign up to the RSS feed to receive regular updates?

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