Strategic Business Planners Plan Strategy

Robinson Sterling NYC Financial Services LLP is in many ways typical of the type of client with whom ADEC Preview has worked - farsighted and decisive. As strategic financial planners themselves Robinson Sterling needed to continue to find ways of improving their own efficiency and reduce duplication of effort. It was also important to them to implement disaster recovery measures.

Hard copy client files were taking up valuable space and searching for historic items was slower than it should have been. By scanning and indexing all those client files the Robinson Sterling team are now able to find PDF images of anything they need in a fraction of the time.

Paul Chakravarti a partner in the firm was very appreciative of the ADEC Preview approach. 'We were very impressed with the sample work and the attention to detail by our Account Manager said Paul'. 'We did contact a number of firms but ADEC Preview were certainly the most professional and we have been very pleased with the results'.

Tax Advisers, Accountants and IFAs are one of the largest groups of clients with whom ADEC Preview works. The Account Management team can provide detailed advice on document management solutions for such firms and can help lead clients through the issues of indexing and subsequent retrieval.

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