Lunch on Us

As part of our ongoing efforts to make sure that our customers understand all of the areas where scanning and digitisation of records and paper documentation can offer real benefits and savings, we would like to organise a Lunch on Us for you and your colleagues.

The idea of Lunch on Us is to give your colleagues and department heads the opportunity to explore the benefits of the different services that ADEC Preview can offer with the relevant members of our team. They would then be able to discuss how they could be used to help with any specific challenges that may be facing in terms of accessibility and security of their paper based information.

In conjunction with you, we would bring along the relevant members of our team to your premises who would be able to discuss their questions over a lunch which we will provide. What we would ask you to do is decide which of your colleagues you believe would get most benefit from this, arrange a convenient date and invite them along.

The feedback from events we have already organised has been very positive and the attendees have certainly come away with a new perspective on ways in which what we offer could benefit their own areas.

We would love to set up something similar with you for your company and to see how we can help 'spread the word'.

If you would be interested in a Lunch on Us, then contact your Account Manager or call us on 02 8397 6900 or click here to leave an enquiry on our contact us page