May 2006

Newsletter from ADEC Preview Services - May 2006


Impact on Crime at Police Authorities

With security high on the national agenda at present, the IMPACT Programme was set up to deliver a national system to support police intelligence and secure the medium and long term future of the Police National Computer. The scanning and indexing of existing paper based records is key to implementing the data-based policing initiatives and ADEC Preview has been making its own impact in helping the Police Authorities achieve this.

Keeping our Medical Records Healthy

In response to the NHS's Electronic Records Management initiative, Primary Care Trusts and GP practices are working towards the digitisation of all patient records. We have been working with a number of PCTs and GP surgeries to convert all their paper to digital images while ensuring the accurate scanning and total security of the information.

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ADEC Preview is Growing

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a number of new members of the ADEC Preview team as we continue to expand the range and level of the scanning services that we provide. We would like to introduce you to some of this new band.

Meet some of the Team

Warm Welcome to our New Members at ADEC Preview

Cowes Ahoy

Maintaining the tradition started last year, ADEC Preview is again venturing onto the high seas during Cowes Week. This year, we will be navigating a 12m X yacht called "In X Celsis" around the Solent, ably assisted by many of our clients who will hopefully be enjoying themselves as much as last year. We will be sending out invitations next week and hope that many of you will be able to join us.

All about 'In X Celsis'

Meet some of the Team