Cowes 2005 Gallery

Thank you for joining the ADEC Preview crew at the Cowes 2005 Regatta. We hope you had a good time and that all your sunburn/bruises/cuts/aching joints are now healed!

For your information, the ADEC Preview yacht came 33rd out of 49 yachts in its class by the end of the week. We have put together a selection of photos taken by various people for you to take a look at....

Cowes 2005 Regatta
ADEC Preview crew cowes
ADEC Preview crew
ADEC Preview Team
ADEC Preview Team Members
ADEC Preview crew at cowes
ADEC Preview cowes
Cowes 2005
Cowes Seaport
ADEC Preview Team Member
ADEC Crew at Cowes Port
Cowes port boat