ADEC Preview has achieved leadership in the UK scanning market through continuous innovation and investment and ADEC Preview has now become one of the first companies in the UK to invest in a new ImageTrac® scanning system from IBML.

This latest investment significantly enhances ADEC Preview's scanning capacity and will benefit customers through higher image quality and accuracy with much faster turnaround than is possible with the present generation of equipment.

Traditional drum scanners - still used by most scanning bureaux in the UK - were once regarded as the pinnacle of performance and image quality. The fastest can scan around 90 pages per minute and, where OCR (Optical Character Recognition) or image processing is required, the images must be exported to another piece of equipment.

The ImageTrac will scan over 400 images per minute and will also undertake OCR and image processing simultaneously. The system is manufactured in the United States by an acknowledged world leader in high speed digital scanning. It scans in colour, grey scale and black and white and can cope with many paper sizes.

The advantages for clients are a faster turnaround and a standard image resolution of 300dpi - instead of the traditional 200 or 240dpi.

With a capacity per machine of over 200,000 images per day, ADEC Preview can now offer incredible options on price and turnaround and can handle the largest projects in the UK and Europe. The first systems have been installed in ADEC Preview’s Hanworth HQ and further rollouts are planned over the coming months.

For more information on how ADEC Preview can assist with your high volume, high speed digital scanning requirements, call us now on 020 8755 5710 or complete the Information Request form