The Alliance Trusts benefit from Scan on Demand

Alliance Trust Savings

Alliance Trust Savings (a member of the Alliance Trusts group) is not alone in having to manage a large volume of paperwork accumulated over a long period of time. For compliance purposes, Alliance Trust Savings’ paperwork is kept for several years after the completion of business which, in some cases, has built up for thirty years since the formation of Alliance Trust Savings.

Application forms were stored in a secure vault whilst background documents were housed in 84 filing cabinets outside the vault and this had created a real business bottleneck. Documents needed to be viewed to check signatures, etc. sometimes as many as sixty times a day. Jenny Thorpe, then on the Alliance Trusts’ intensive management training programme, was given the task of sorting out the storage space issues caused by this paperwork mountain. The objective was to free up the storage space and implement a secure and accessible alternative, whilst allowing normal business continuity during the implementation of the chosen solution.

After looking at several alternative solutions and suppliers, Alliance Trusts decided that ADEC Preview Services’ eView+ web repository solution was ideally suited to the task. eView+ allowed the application forms to be digitally scanned and the images uploaded onto a secure, password protected web site with 24/7 viewing access.

Speaking of how the project was implemented without interruption to the normal workflow, Jenny said, "We would email a request for a particular application form and ADEC Preview would locate the right file, scan the documents and upload them to our secure web repository site within the ten hour lead time agreed."

The remaining background documents did not need to be scanned immediately but were instead delivered to ADEC Preview’s Scan-on-Demand facility in the north-west of England. Here, the documents will remain securely stored and Alliance Trusts’ staff will simply request items to be scanned as and when needed via an automated system available on eView+. These images, too, will be uploaded onto their eView+ site for easy access any time of the day or night.

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If you need to handle a large volume of paperwork for any reason, why not just scan it? You can save time and money, find information fast, just when you need it and at the same time free up costly storage space.

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