Scan on Demand - Sydney Scanning Solutions

ADEC Preview’s Scan-on-Demand service addresses the dilemma faced by many companies of whether to scan documents or not. Sometimes the cost of scanning everything can be prohibitive - so ADEC Preview has developed the ideal solution.

This is how it works...

Physical documents are moved to ADEC Preview's purpose-designed document management centre in Sydney.

  • They are catalogued and stored in a highly secure, environmentally controlled document warehouse.
  • Each document is tracked using the latest O'Neil tracking software that can pinpoint the relevant file. When a file is needed, clients can request this by email, telephone or fax.
  • The file is then scanned and the image can be made available on ADEC Preview's eView+ web archive and viewed from anywhere in the world within an hour or less. Alternatively, the information can be burnt onto a CD and sent by courier or express post directly to the client.