Invu Document Management

invu document management

ADEC Preview is an authorised partner for one of the most widely used document management systems in the UK.

Invu designs, develops and markets software which manages everything that arrives on your desk; paper, e-mails, web pages, faxes and electronic files. The software scans, imports, stores, routes and retrieves instantly all of these different types of data, and what's more, the software is easy to use, 'industry strength' and highly affordable.

With over 750 customers and many thousands of people using Invu software every day Invu is the product of choice for your office. Whether you need access to customer files, invoices or solve a compliance problem, Invu provides the point answer to all kinds of administrative headaches.

Series 100 The complete document management solution for single office systems
Series 200 The complete document management solution for networked office systems
Series 250 The complete document information workflow system
CodeFree Integration Easy integration to other third party applications
Link Manager Bringing information easily into Invu
i200 Web based front end to Invu Series 200
i250 Web based front end to Invu Professional Series 250

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