Scanning helps North Hertfordshire College with Online Learning

When the Principal of the North Hertfordshire College had a vision of 'going electronic', Chris McLean, Director of IT, decided to search the Web to find a company that could help him do just that.

After obtaining five or six quotes from companies around the UK, Chris chose ADEC Preview as it offered the most flexible service and competitive pricing. North Herts College had to move premises to new accommodation where space was at a premium. He could think of no better way to save space than to scan as many of the documents as he could.

The spin-off to this was that once the documents were in electronic format, re-engineering of learning materials, sharing this information with others and on-line learning became a real possibility. This innovative way of storing the documentation was just as applicable to the HR department as it was to the Business Support Unit so he opened up the offer of scanning and archiving documents to the rest of the college.

Chris sends out an email to remind all staff of this service and, once a quarter, invites staff to put the documents that they would like scanned into crates provided for the purpose. ADEC Preview collects the material, scans it and returns the information to the college. If, whilst the documentation is with ADEC Preview, a member of staff requires a certain document, then ADEC Preview can scan on demand and return the document urgently.

"We are provided with guaranteed service levels and scanning schedules that allow us to plan ahead," said Chris. "The process is sound; we would like to see even more departments taking advantage of this service and thus realise the Principal's vision of electronic media."

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