April 2004

New Service: eFax+ - Digital forms capture from an ordinary fax machine

ADEC Preview has introduced a new scanning service called eFax+ that requires only a standard fax machine to capture forms and digital images. Time-critical documents, such as Proofs of Delivery, can now be input from remote locations and made available on the company intranet or extranet in a fraction of the time it would take to manually process the paperwork.

News: ADEC Preview expands physical storage and introduces scan on demand

ADEC Preview has upgraded and expanded the secure storage facilities at its operations centre near Heathrow. We can now store your statutory paperwork, legacy documents and other back filing cost-effectively. What's more, with scan on demand you can view your documents on-line in double quick time and pay scanning charges only when you retrieve them from deep storage.

"ADEC Preview stores all my back-files for less and supplies a digital image on demand in less than four hours"

Managing Partner, SW13

For more information, call ADEC Preview on 02 8397 6900 or click here to leave an enquiry on our contact us page

Case Study: Scanning helps North Hertfordshire College with On-line Learning

North Hertfordshire College had to move premises to new accommodation where space was at a premium. The scanning solution implemented by ADEC Preview had unexpected spin-offs across the whole college and helped speed up the implementation of on-line learning...

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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Thanks to all of you who took the trouble to complete our Customer Satisfaction survey. It's reassuring to know that on average you rated us 4/5 overall. However, we always want to improve and, of course, we are following up any specific issues that were raised.