Turbocharged Finance for Peugeot Citroen

Banque PSA Finance

The chances are that if you buy a new Peugeot or Citroen motor car you may want to pay for it using a finance agreement.

Banque PSA Finance is a wholly owned subsidiary of the French automotive manufacturer and its UK operation is one of the largest in the country. PSA provides finance to customers for all models in the Peugeot Citroen range and prides itself on exceptionally high levels of customer service.

When a customer application for finance is made in a dealer showroom an acceptance can often be made in seconds. This means that usually the customer may want to drive their car away soon afterwards and with the completion of a few formalities and some proof of identity and address, PSA can make this happen.

Once accepted, each transaction may require several items of paper to be faxed from the dealership to the PSA operations centre in Redhill. Any subsequent queries from the customer need to be dealt with quickly and this is where the ADEC Preview team enter the process.

Three times a week the associated finance documents are sent to ADEC Preview's secure scanning operation in Hanworth and committed to an electronic archive. The information is then uploaded electronically so that PSA staff can view any item used in the finance agreement instantly. ADEC Preview has designed a customised forms processing routine using Cardiff Teleforms that identifies the unique information on each application and enables the documents to be called up instantly. Images coming from poor quality faxes are digitally enhanced to improve readability ADEC Preview's skilled operators quality control every image for accuracy of data capture.

The benefit to the dealer of fast acceptance of a finance application means the customer has all the information to make a decision and is the essence of finance as a sales aid. Customers benefit also from being able to contact PSA at any time after the finance agreement has been signed and know that their information is instantly available. PSA benefit because the time taken to find information is so much faster than a manual search.

Paul Watkins, Customer Services Manager at Banque PSA Finance is very pleased with the results: "ADEC Preview has been a true partner in identifying issues and providing solutions to help us maintain our high service levels to our customers. They have been totally dependable and we have been delighted with their commitment."

Forms processing is increasingly becoming one of the principal methods of capturing data from hard copy documents. Using specialist software ADEC Preview can usually capture any fields of data from all kinds of standard documents. Forms that are difficult to read or need manually completion are often ideal candidates for this process, due to the efficient way in which data can be added or corrected.

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