ADEC Preview Flexiscan

Scan your documents for free and pay monthly to view them with ADEC Preview Flexiscan...

Many companies who have to maintain large volumes of historic documents would consider scanning them were it not for the capital cost of doing so. Although it makes commercial and practical sense to create an electronic archive of legacy documents, the up front cost has been a deterrent.

Until now ...

ADEC Preview has developed a unique solution using the eView+ electronic image repository. We won't charge you a penny to scan and index your documents. Just enter into a 12 month agreement to use eView+ and we will include the scanning free of charge. eView+ gives you 24/7 access to all your documents on an unlimited basis, from anywhere in the world using a standard web browser.

A typical full four drawer filing cabinet containing 15,000 images would cost as little as 85 per month under a ADEC Preview Flexiscan contract. Not much more than the cost of the space it uses and just think of these extra benefits...

  • Immediate access on line by multiple parties
  • Instant disaster recovery
  • No internal network issues
  • No internal computer storage

At the end of the initial 12 month agreement you have three options:

  • Continue with Flexiscan on the same basis
  • Terminate the agreement with no further obligation or
  • Pay the original scanning cost at a pre-agreed sum and receive the images on CD or DVD