Western Australia Museum

Case Study – Western Australia Museum

Western Australia Museum, established in 1891, is one of the oldest organisations in the state. As with any museum, it has accumulated an enormous wealth of records, special publications and supplements pertaining to birds, mammals and reptiles.

Many of the documents are donated and are priceless with generally only a handful of copies in the world. ADEC Preview was approached to digitise these documents, which would then be uploaded into the museums online ‘Publications of Western Australia’ repository for viewing by the general public.

All the publications were scanned on specialist book scanners to obtain the highest quality possible, the text within the documents was made searchable and then the images were indexed by publication name and year and saved as PDF files.

By logging onto the museums online repository, users are now able to search for a key word or phrase within a publication and then download the image or document for viewing.

Having embarked on a period of significant change and with the aim to try new approaches and increase the public profile of all of the museum’s activities, the digitisation and wealth of online information to the public enabled the museum to keep up with the technology changes and the requirements of the general public.

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