St. George - HR Record Scanning

St. George – HR Record Scanning

Within any large organisation the sheer volume of HR-related records can steadily grow to unmanageable proportions, in addition the need of costly hardware and the fact that in-house scanning is labour intensive, outsourcing is an ideal solution to allow an organisation to focus on core business activities.

St.George is one of Australia‘s leading Retail and Business banks and has a large amount of staff across several interstate locations. ADEC Preview was approached to scan all the HR documents on an ongoing basis.

Documents are received, out sorted if an employee number is not present and then the correct files are scanned. Once the images are indexed by employee number they are matched against a data file supplied by the client and then uploaded to a secure FTP for downloading in the clients TRIM solution.

Users now instantly have access to employee records allowing them to manage employee relations in real-time, without hours or days of delay in retrieving information. Key individuals can focus on maintaining and increasing operational efficiencies in other areas and providing higher levels of service to employees.

St. George states that problems are solved faster, questions are answered sooner and the overall employee service is more efficient.

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