Regulatory Authority Mail Room Outsourcing

Outsourced Mail Room and Document Scanning Solutions

One of Australia's Regulatory Authorities regulates more than half a million individuals within ten professions.

The launch of this Regulatory Authority signifies the milestone that Australia has reached in regulating professions based on uniform standards through nationally consistent legislation.

The Authority was cognizant of the enormous task it had to undertake.

With this in mind and anticipating the handling the large amounts of applications and associated mail that they need to manage, the Authorityneeded a system to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and ensure that industry best practices were used for intended operational and financial improvement.

Mail processing was not part of the Authorities core business as they sought out a partner in ADEC Preview, a specialised provider of outsourced mail room service based on the highest level of customer standards.


The outsourced solutions relieved the Authority of the daily, cumbersome tasks which are not its competencies.

On behalf of the Authority, ADEC receives two separate mail deliveries in excess of 5,000 mail items per month (over 50,000 images). All the items are date stamped before sorting, then scanned and categorised by profession before being indexed. The mail items then undergo Optical Character Recognition (OCR), making all the computer generated text within each document searchable. The process continues by uploading digitised documents to a secure FTP site and mastered to DVD to be returned to the Authority within 24 hours of receipt of the mail.

The Authorities testimonials affirm that it benefits from ADEC Preview's strong customer service and process expertise through high quality deliverables. "Outsourcing to ADEC has allowed us to spend valuable time and focus on our primary business and not been caught up with the day to day in-depth processes of a mailroom".

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