PPCA - Phonographic Performance Company of Australia Ltd

PPCA - Phonographic Performance Company of Australia Ltd

Tasked with moving to a new office, PPCA's Manager for Business Technologies faced the challenge of taking up storage space in the new facility and shouldering the costly physical transfer of voluminous files.

PPCA is a national, non-government, non-profit organization that represents the interests of record companies and Australian recording artists.

PPCA turned to ADEC Preview for innovative solutions. PPCA's Manager for Business Technologies had the foresight to contract ADEC Preview, which in turn executed the digitization of files.

The Solution

PPCA fully understood the benefits and potential savings on time and customer support that could be derived from the electronic retrieval of files, as opposed to physically searching through filing cabinets for information that they need.

The scanning of over 55,000 license files in excess of 2 million images contained within 917 archive boxes took just over two months to complete. Due to the size of the project and the time taken, several uploads into the document management solution Altec doc-link were completed during the scanning process. PPCA utilized ADEC Preview's scan-on-demand process, which provided an easy access to original, live documents during the scanning process. In addition, the availability of electronic copies allowed more than one person to simultaneously work on a file and access documents via their network. This real time availability of files has significantly improved the efficiency of their service delivery.

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