Patient Record Scanning for a Sydney-Based Health Service Provider

PRACTICE NAME: Multidisciplinary health service provider

LOCATION: Sydney, Australia

INDUSTRY: Medical Practice


Key deliverables:

  1418 patient records scanned and digitized
  124,842 digital images produced
  2 cubic meters of space  freed up by transitioning to digital records
  2 weeks to scan all patient record



The client is a comprehensive health practice based in Sydney Australia.  The practice provides integrated medical, nutritional, psychiatric and psychological care.

In 2023, the health service provider was grappling with the challenges of managing a large volume of patient files stored in a traditional paper-based system. The cumbersome system hindered quick access to patient information. The practice sought a solution that would enhance file accessibility and optimize space utilization.



The client chose ADEC Preview as a trusted document management partner in the healthcare industry, to tackle patient record scanning.

Our medical records digitalisation solution involved the following steps:

  1. File Collection and Transportation: Our team facilitated the collection and transportation of 78 boxes, comprising 1418 patient files, from health service provider's premises in Sydney to our secure facility. For this project, we supplied boxes, packed the files, and used the company van and staff to transport the files back to our facility.

  2. On demand scanning: Due to the active nature of the patient files and the need for immediate access, we conducted onsite scanning on demand for the client. This allowed healthcare professionals to continue accessing records for visiting patients while the digitization process took place.

  3. Efficient Scanning Process: A total of 124,842 digital images were generated from the scanning of the 1418 patient files. All of this was delivered in 2 weeks, underscoring ADEC Preview’s commitment to timely and accurate results.


Deliverables and Results

Our patient record scanning solution delivered a range of benefits, including:

  1. Enhanced Accessibility: The digitization of patient records streamlined access to medical information supporting swift data retrieval.

  2. Optimized Space Utilization: By transitioning from traditional paper records to digitalised medical records, the client reclaimed approximately 2 cubic meters of valuable space within their facility.

  3. Effortless Patient Record Management: The integration of digitised records into the client's practice management system simplified the process of record retrieval, archiving, and overall management.

  4. Secure and Compliant Document Disposal: In addition to digitization, our team ensured the secure disposal of physical records, adhering to stringent data privacy regulations and maintaining the confidentiality of patient information.


Client Testimonial

“ADEC Preview proved to be a reliable and trusted partner for patient record scanning and digitisation services. The entire process was executed with care and precision, ensuring the safety and integrity of the files throughout the process.”

- Practice Manager, Multidisciplinary health service provider


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