Orica Mining Services

Orica Mining Services Australia is the world's leading supplier of commercial explosives.

As part of their commitment to be among the best performers internationally in safety, Orica significantly invests in their Research and Development programs.

The Research and Development department had a requirement to scan Research and Development Reports dating from 1900 through to 1976. The entire project exceeded 400 archive boxes and in the end contained in excess of 800,000 images.

ADEC Preview took delivery of the boxes and scanned the images over a four month period, returning the scanned and indexed images which were then integrated into Orica's internal document storage repository.

Document Scanning for Commercial Explosive Supplier

Having files dating back to 1900 meant that some interesting preparation techniques had to be used prior to scanning, in some cases as paper staples were a rarity in the 1900s, individual documents were held together with two pieces of wood and nails - a first in our 15 years of document scanning.

Maggie Ball commented that having the scanned images in an electronic format would not only ensure the long term integrity of the valuable information, but would also allow the entire group to easily access the valuable reports worldwide.

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