Flinders University - Paperless Student Files

Flinders University - Paperless Student Files

Flinders University has long had a reputation for its teaching and research excellence, attracting students from over 100 countries as well as Australia.

With almost 19,000 new enrolments annually, the University’s records department inevitably and continuously collects abundant quantities of paper-based student files. Flinders University decided on managing their data with the objective of digitising its records and streamlining its document management.

Among vendors that queued and qualified for the project, ADEC Preview was selected based on our extensive experience in the process of digitising data and documents and our expertise in linking scanned images to HP TRIM.

The Solution

ADEC Preview took on the task of modernising all the historical student and staff filing procedures of Flinders University, allowing for seamless conversion of paper files to electronic images.

The entire project included the digitisation of over 18,400 student files in excess of 774,000 images which were then indexed by student Surname, First name and Student ID. The files were then bulk imported into the Universities HP TRIM document management solution.

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It was extremely important that the University could request a file during the scanning process. Files requested came back to them within 2 hours from the time of request, providing easy access and retrieval of pertinent information from the scanning and beyond to its retrieval.

As commented by the University project owner, "All requests from me and my staff were quickly responded to, files were picked up on time and were quickly made available in eView+ making the transition relatively painless. Ultimately, the project went as expected with good results."