Dr. Anthony Kane Plastic Surgeon

With the legal requirement to retain all medical patient records for a minimum of 10 years after last attendance, for a successful and thriving practice it was essential to find a workable long term solution to ease the burden of storage and de-clutter the office. Furthermore, Dr. Kane had never been comfortable with the idea of destroying his medical records.

The decision was taken, therefore, to transfer all of their patient records to DVD so that all or part of the patient record could be accessed at any time if required. This meant careful scanning and indexing of all their patient files.

Medical Record Management for Dr. Anthony Kane Plastic Surgery

Dr. Kane's practice selected ADEC Preview to partner them in this on the basis of their reputation in the field and their ability to offer all of the elements that the practice were looking for, both in terms of scanning and indexing, as well as the inclusion of ongoing files.

The electronic files were then indexed to replicate the original file structure and were then mastered to DVD.

"Above all," commented Carolyn Kimberly, Practice Nurse at Dr. Anthony Kane Plastic Surgery, "it was the flexible, friendly and efficient approach at ADEC Preview that really made the choice simple for us. We had specific requirements for the scanning and indexing to fit with our internal processes and ADEC Preview was able to deliver that for us."

Now that the past records are scanned and in place, the job of maintaining the information with new files is a simple one with new files scanned and stored annually to keep the patient files up to date.

With the practice continuing to grow, it looks likely to keep both themselves and ADEC Preview busy well into the future.

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