Dorset Police

Case Study – Dorset Police Hot on Data Security

For most organisations, easy access to information is important because of internal customer service requirements or operational efficiency targets.

However, when it comes to Police Authorities storing and accessing information, then the repercussions of documents being hard to locate can be altogether more serious, while their security remains of paramount importance at all times.

So when Dorset Police took the decision to scan and index several years' worth of child protection files, they needed to find a company with very specific qualities to ensure the absolute security of this information. Central to these requirements were that the personnel handling the files needed to have been security vetted - more than this, due to the highly sensitive nature of the information they contained, this vetting needed to have been carried out within the previous 18 months to be valid.

Fortunately, ADEC Preview has worked with several Police Forces on various projects relating to sensitive material over the course of the last three years. As a result, they were able to provide staff who had been fully vetted within the previous year, hence complying easily with the requirements.

Since no additional verification was therefore required, they were able to progress the work for the Dorset Police quickly and smoothly. There were still a number of additional requirements which placed certain functional constraints on the staff working on the project.

The cataloguing of the documents needed to be carried out on site during working hours - so to ensure that this was done quickly and in line with the timeframes laid down for the project, a team of 6 people was used to carry out the work. This was essential as access to the files was also restricted to normal working hours for the prepping, scanning and Quality Control stages.

However, with this team in place, ADEC Preview was able to work within these requirements and deliver a fully scanned and indexed set of documents which contained some 600,000 images.

These now allow Dorset Police instant access and, at the same time, tight control over the information that they contain, giving them the ability to respond quickly and with certainty to questions relating to their contents.

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