Donations Management

Outsourced Mail Room Services

Political Parties, Charities and other 'not for profit' organisations rely on donations for their survival and growth.

From the initial campaign inception to the management of the database of donors, Preview's team and its partners are there to help maximise the amounts collected.

Services include:

  • Assistance with the design, printing and mailing of donation letters
  • Inbound collection and banking
  • Database management and 'return to sender' logging
  • Helpdesk and query management
  • Outbound/inbound call centre activities
  • Design, printing and mailing of acknowledgement letters to donors.

Case Study

A recent campaign undertaken by an Australian Political Party sent letters to the over 150,000 contacts on the electoral role.

ADEC Preview received a total return of just over 5,000 donations within a four-week period with an average donation amount of $18.02.

The forms contained either credit card details, cheques or in some cases cash.

The donor's details were logged in accordance with the various levels of disclosure regulations, along with the amount donated; the donation was banked weekly into the nominated account with the donation ledger sent directly to the party daily. Detailed acknowledgement letters and receipts where then sent to each individual donor.

The party commented, "The service has provided significant reduction in the collection-to-cash cycle and has provided real-time information on every activity in the fund-raising process. Based on this campaign, the cost per donation received was $2.20 per donation and this outsourced activity will in the future allow the party to very quickly run new fund raising activities with instant scalability".

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